The Birds are Flying!

I was notified this morning that we have provisional approval to operate the new turbines. So I jumped into the car, and drove the 10 minutes to the site, and pressed “Start”. The winds were about 20 m/sec (75 km/hr) – more than enough to produce at capacity. One turbine had an error that prevented it from starting – it was a safety switch on the hatch into the nacelle. When the hatch is opened, the turbine shuts down, to prevent a technician from working in the nacelle while the turbine is operating. The latch needed a quick fix. Vestas had it fixed within 2 hours. The turbines are producing at capacity, and have been all day. We will probably produce 80,000 kWh today – enough to power 100 homes for a month.
I apologize to the Dark Sky Committee. You won’t be able to see the stars tonight. The smile on my face will pollute the night sky.

There are a few things that remain to be done. Ecologo certification has been applied for, but I haven’t received the confirmation documentation yet. The ESA approval is provisional – we need to complete the items that we have committed to do, and receive final inspection and approval. I need to notify Natural Resources Canada, so I can begin payments from the Wind Power Production Incentive. Most important, I need to get on with planning the grand opening.

Hallowe’en Day 2006. Easy to remember. It feels good. They will be burning less coal tonight.

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