Long Day

The construction crew put in a long day today. And so did I.

For some reason, when I got home, I put on Willie Nelson to unwind a bit, while I cooked sausage on the barbeque. My brother Lyle filled Willie’s bus with biodiesel one time. Perhaps Willie is the perfect thing to play tonight.
Ridin on the train they call the City of New Orleans…

I worked on one of my least favourite parts of the job this morning – paying bills and doing the books. The bills for the construction are coming in fast and furious – progress payments, subcontractors, materials etc. It’s not really that many invoices, but they all take time. And I have to get the books current so I can make my application for the GST refund. Right now the government owes me for the input tax credits on the wind turbine purchase. Sky Generation is borrowing money to lend to the government. Better get my refund application in – let them borrow their own funds. They will owe me more before we are done.

Graveyards of rusted automobiles….

At the site, the crews placed the final three tower sections onto the middle turbine, and they were almost done raising the nacelle when I left. We lost a few hours for high winds today. It’s been a long time since I wished for calm weather. We should be raising the rotor tomorrow. When the last tower section is installed, the nacelle must be put up, as its weight is required for structural integrity. Stadium lights were called in to work in the gathering dusk.
Good morning America how are you…

The government came out with draft rules for the Standard Offer Contracts on Friday. It is pretty much as expected. But I need to re-read it tonight, to be ready for a CanWEA conference call on it tomorrow.
This train has got the disappearing railroad blues…

Thirty seven pages is short for a government document. They don’t seem to quite have it right on the Wind Power Production Incentive (WPPI). They are claiming this for the themselves, and offering to pay “out of pocket expenses”. They don’t quite understand what needs to be done to get WPPI. It requires a Federal Environmental Impact Statement. That is a considerable peice of work. What if one firm does it themself, and another hires consultants, creating out of pocket expenses? What if the Fed require significant mitigating measures? Moving turbines? Lower towers? Planting trees? Buried cables? The potential for “out of pocket expenses” can rise considerably. How will disputes over legitimate out of pocket expenses be arbitrated? I guess we will need an army of auditors.
Forgiving you is easy, forgetting seems to take the longest time….

I’m tired. But the project is progressing. More wind energy is on the way.

Livin’ in the Promised Land….

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