Towers Arrive

The towers for the new turbines arrived on Thursday, Aug. 31.

They came into a railway siding in Sarnia from Saskatchewan, and were loaded onto trucks for the 290 km trip to Ferndale. The tower for each turbine has 4 pieces. They are made of thick rolled steel, with each tower section consisting of many steel pieces welded together. The tower sections will then be bolted together.

The process of making and moving a wind turbine tower is fairly high tech for the steel fabricating business. The welds need to be done right, and are thoroughly inspected, as the structural integrity of the tower depends on them. The tower is painted at the factory, with a high quality epoxy paint. You don’t want to paint your turbine tower, so a high quality factory coat is essential.

It is good to finally have some Canadian content in the wind turbines. The first turbine installed had an insert ring made in Canada. The next two have 4 tower sections. So the content is increasing.
The trucks that move wind turbine towers are designed for overweight/over size loads. On shore wind turbine towers never exceed 13 feet across, as you can’t get anything wider than that under bridges and overhead road signs. Two cranes were at the site to off load the trucks.

Before putting the first tower section up, the controller assembly is completed on the foundation. The bottom tower section will then be lowered over top of the completed controller.

Blades and nacelles arrive next week. We will have the second controller completed, and will hopefully have the bottom tower sections, and perhaps a blade assembly completed. Hurricane Ernesto has been downgraded to a tropical depression, and appears to be petering out south of here, and moving east of here. Hopefully the site won’t be a swamp next week. We can use a bit of rain, but don’t need the 10 inches that dropped on part of North Carolina and Virginia.

Construction workers Mom and friend Marilyn.

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