Cost of Wind Energy in Ontario

The OPA has released some information about electricity costs, as well as reams of other data they gathered as part of the Long Term Energy Plan. Critics of wind energy, especially the Conservative Party, have blamed it for the increase in power prices. But what are the facts?

The facts are available in the OPA’s materials. The total electricity market in Ontario was $18.7 billion in 2013, including transmission, generation, distribution, and any other costs you find on your bill. Of this, the total cost of wind energy to the system was $617 million. This is 3.3% of the total cost.

But of course this isn’t the incremental cost. If the wind wasn’t there, we would have had to buy power from elsewhere, paying fuel charges (for natural gas, coal or uranium), capital cost for building the alternate source, as well as operating costs.

As we have seen in the past, wind generated 4.3 % of the electricity in 2013.

The Conservative Party and the anti wind people have it wrong. Wind energy’s contribution to electricity price hikes is marginal at best. Please, let’s deal with facts instead of myth in the future.

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