Ontario Electricity Supply Mix 2013

The IESO has released data on the supply mix of electricity for 2013. The data shows that wind generated 3.4% of Ontario’s supply, which is substantially below the number I calculated, which is 4.3% of demand.
The difference is easily explainable. First of all, the IESO does not report on the output of wind farms below 10 MW. So they miss 12.5% of the wind output in their statistics. Second, they are reporting only on the supply side, whereas I reported on demand. Total supply was 154 TWh. Demand was only 140.7 TWh, with the difference made up of net exports. The IESO reported supply from wind at 5.2 TWh. This is what I reported as supply from wind farms over 10 MW, but this increases to 6 TWh when the output of the smaller wind farms is added.

Wind supplied 4.3% of Ontario’s electricity demand in 2013.

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