Meteor in Russia Misses Nuclear Plants

The Meteor that was reported over Russia today reportedly did not hit any of the nuclear plants in the area.
The meteor reportedly broke 100,000 square metres of glass windows, caused a partial collapse of a factory roof, injured 750 people, and disrupted cell communication for an hour. A 6 metre square crater was found in the area, and no doubt more debris will be discovered in time.

We usually consider getting hit by a meteor to be a very low probability event. But meteors do strike. If a meteor hit a wind turbine, the turbine would likely be destroyed, and the power in the grid would be easily replaced by other sources. It is a low probability low impact event. But hitting a nuclear plant is just the sort of unexpected event that we don’t plan for. The world has already had one such low probability high impact event at the nuclear plant in Japan. Low probability doesn’t mean no probability.

And high impact is just that.

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