Ontario Wind Production Beats Coal in 2011

The IESO has released information on the contributions to Ontario’s electricity supply. The output of wind rose by 39% versus 2010, the fastest growing source of new supply from any source.

The IESO only reports for generation in the IESO markets, which means projects greater than 10 MW. In total, they are missing about 15% of the installed wind capacity, and they are missing all of the solar. So adjusting for this, wind produced about 4.5 TWh, which is about 3.2% of demand. Production from Ontario’s coal plants dropped from 12.6 TWh in 2010 to 4.1 TWh. So output from wind exceeded the output from coal plants for the first time. Demand dropped slightly in 2011, water power increased due to higher rainfall, and both gas and nuclear contributed small increases in supply.

Output by source:

Nuclear 85.3 TWh
Water 33.3 TWh
Gas 22 TWh
Wind 4.5 TWh
Coal 4.1 TWh

Ontario’s supply continues to become cleaner year by year, as the addition of renewable energy, and continued restraint in demand results in less use of fossil fuels.

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