Chiquita Bananas Boycott

It is a funny topic for a blog about energy. But then again, the Canadian government and tar sands lobby has a very bizarre campaign underway.

Now don’t get me wrong. I haven’t been a big supporter of Chiquita in the past, although I do eat their bananas. The Toronto Star has an article about how some Harper cabinet ministers are encouraging a boycott of Chiquita. Why? Because Chiquita has made a commitment to avoid using fuel made from tar sands, presumably because of it’s climate change contribution, water use and pollution, and scarring of the landscape. The group has now purchased radio commercials to get the message out to boycott Chiquita. Shouldn’t that be

The classic line from ethicaloil is “We want to send a strong message to Chiquita that Canadians are proud of their oil industry.” Hmm. Not all of us. I sent my own message to Chiquita this evening.

“I hear the Canadian government is encouraging a boycott of your products because you have chosen to avoid using fuel from Canada’s climate gas intensive, water polluting, land scarring tar sands. I want you to know that many Canadians are embarrassed by our Federal government inaction on climate change. I will go buy some Chiquita bananas tomorrow, enough to ensure that some of them become past due, and need to be made into banana bread. And when they are done, I will buy more. Boycott? No, I support your courageous stand. Good on you.”

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