Inconvenient Truth

I have been wanting to see Al Gore’s movie on climate change. I even wanted to know where to find it so we could arrange a special showing in Owen Sound. It has been to Guelph. Toronto. Windsor. Kitchener. But I haven’t seen it. Apparently it is coming to Owen Sound as part of the Tom Thomson film festival in October. It is always good to see what the “popular” media is playing.

Apparently this film and book is causing an awakening south of the border. Ticket sales exceed $13.4 million – probably 1.5 million viewers in theaters. Maybe not Exxon executives, but everybody else. Perhaps Canadians are already awake, but that is too smug. We need to see it.

My Mom and Dad are lucky. They live in Guelph. And it was playing at the Bookshelf – and it was almost sold out. Here is a review written by my Mom.

We were so glad we went to that movie last night. I had been afraid of fear-mongering or depression-inducing stuff. Instead, it was straightforward, outlining the science and research that undergirds his concern about global warming. I had never had it explained so clearly before.
Full of charts, graphs and computer assisted diagrams, there was still a sense that Gore was right in the theatre delivering this lecture to US. He also used some animation and personal stories from his own life so you did not get bogged down in “nothin’ but the facts.”
I was thankful for his work on this and his in-the-face passion. It was moving and inspiring. Yes, there are solutions was the closing message. He pointed out what we have done about tobacco, and the hole in the ozone layer in recent years, saying we can marshall our forces again. We have the know-how. All that is lacking is the political will.
Closing credits were cleverly spaced with simple things that anyone can do to address the issue from changing our light bulbs to buying green power, to buying a hybrid car, to pestering our governments. All told, a great experience.
Thanks Mom.

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