A recent report caught my attention. There is a proposal for a large natural gas generating station in Oakville Ontario.
This natural gas generating station is part of the province’s plan to phase out the coal fired generating stations. Natural gas generated electricity has about 50% of the carbon emissions of coal, and reduces NOX, SOX, and mercury emissions by 90-100% compared to our current coal plants. A plant of the size proposed would typically have a pretty high stack, that would disperse the emissions that it did have, so the emission impact is not felt as great locally as some believe.

So what did the good folks of Oakville, home of Ford Canada, and one of the most prosperous communities in Canada do, to express their outrage at new emissions from a gas plant coming to their town? They organized a drive through petition, and got 1000 signatures opposing the plant. It apparently didn’t occur to the organizers that idling cars are a major source of emissions.

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