Letter from Wind Landowner

Doug and Tracy Rogers are landowners on a 6 turbine wind farm my firm owns on southern Lake Huron. They also own a cottage on the Bruce Peninsula, and have watched the discussions about wind in the Bruce Peninsula Press with some puzzlement. After all, they live near wind turbines, and are quite happy they do. The experience of a real landowner will be useful to our understanding of the possibilities offered by wind.

From: Doug and Tracy Rogers

We are property owners on an existing wind farm @ Ravenswood, and also seasonal property owners at Miller Lake.

The Ravenswood Wind project consists of 6 turbines, of which 4 turbines are on our property that started producing power in January 2008.

The home farm that we reside in is a 108 year old farm house which is sparsely insulated – nothing like houses of today. We have two children – a daughter Courtnee 22 years old and a son Owen 19 years old.

As landowners participating in a project, we don’t have set backs from housing required. The new rules require setbacks of 550 meters from a non participating landowner. For us though, the closest turbine is under 300 meters to our home. YES a lot closer than the people complaining about the turbines in some areas.

Tracy’s parents also live in a house on one of other farms, with a turbine also less than 300 meters away. Their house isn’t insulated up to code either. And Tracy’s father had a pace maker for at least 7 years. Neither parent has had any health effects or has complained about the noise.

We are very happy to report that in 20 months of operation there has been no annoyance of noise, no headaches or nosebleeds, we have not been waken up by them or had sleep deprivation. We don’t think that we have gone crazy either. Our cows are still producing calves; our laying hens are still laying eggs.

We were very pleased with the final results; we appreciated the working relationship between Sky Generation, Carlsun construction firm and ourselves. We were always informed and updated in the process, they included Doug whenever needed.

We have enjoyed the project from beginning to end.

Tracy and I are very happy that the turbines are part of our farm operation. We like the majestic look they provide and we’re glad that we are doing a least a little something green for our environment.

Doug and Tracy Rogers

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