A Tale of Two Wind Farms

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times….

The 5 MW Ferndale wind farm on the Bruce Peninsula exhibited drastically different performance than the 10 MW Ravenswood wind farm on southern Lake Huron, 120 miles south.


The Ravenswood wind farm had an extraordinary capacity factor for the month of 49.4%.  Ferndale came in at 33.6%, which compares with 42.8% in November 2007, and was even lower than October.  There were no unusual outages at either wind farm, other than some normal maintenance.


This pattern of strong winds in the southern part of the province, and lighter winds for the more northern wind farms was also evident at the Prince wind farm near the Sault, which came in at a fairly poor (for November) 29.3% capacity factor for November.  Meanwhile, Kingsbridge, near Goderich, just a little north of Ravenswood came in at 45.4%. 


I have to say I am quite suprised at the difference between the two wind farms on a month to month basis.  Over the long term, presumably the variation will narrow, but in a given hour, or a given month, the diversification of wind locations sure helps smooth out the revenues, which will make the banker happy. 


And a happy banker is a good banker.

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