Small is Possible: Life in a Local Economy

My brother Lyle has just released his second book.  What a delightful read!

It is the story of the small town of Pittsboro/Moncure, and the local businesses, and their characters, that have evolved to serve the local community.  There is the local internet provider, the biodiesel co-op, and its cousin Industrial, the yoga instructor, some successful housing projects, some less so.  There is the story of the co-op food store, that specializes in locally sourced food, the passion of the people who got it off the ground.  There’s the local college, and its spin off of local organic farms.  And, only in America, there’s the locally owned bank.

The book is written with humour and fun, but with a serious theme – the importance of local to a sustainable future, environmentally, and socially.  It is interesting that  book is just published, and today, CIBC World Market released a report on the impact higher oil prices will have on globalization.  Higher freight costs will start to make local food and locally produced goods more competitive.  Pittsboro/Moncure has a small advantage in this new world – they are already started on localization.

Lyle doesn’t mince words when it comes to taking on some of the stupidities of the establishment.  It is not a “how to book”, but hopefully it will inspire some to take action at a local level.  The book is a thoroughly enjoyable read.
The book is published by New Society, and in the US, is available through the Abundance Foundation.

My brother Jim also has a recently published his book on time management.  Jim has made a study of time, and how to manage it.  Jim’s is a “how to” book, and would be of assistance to anyone trying to organize their all too scarce resource – their time.

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