Progress on Ravenswood

The Ravenswood project is progressing rapidly now.  Four turbines have been commissioned and are on line.  The other two are mechanically complete, and will be inspected by Vestas tomorrow.  If they pass, which is highly likely, they will be energized, and ready for the commissioning teams to complete on Saturday, or early next week.

The SCADA system was installed and tested last night.  It will allow remote access to the wind farm, so the service technicians and I can see the status of the wind farm.  It allows you to see the status of each turbine, and gathers and stores this data on a server.  This stored data is of use to the Vestas service technicians, and allows them to review history, to assist in trouble shooting.  It also allows Vestas to gather data across their fleet of V82’s, to establish patterns, and allow more proactive action in parts stocking, component selection etc.  It is a powerful, but pricey system.

So far, the SCADA system is only talking to one turbine.  We are waiting for some $1 adapters to allow the system to see the rest of the energized turbines.  It seems like it is always the little things that cause problems.  But getting the SCADA server installed is an important first step.  The adapters should be here shortly.

It is interesting how the pace of a project quickens.  Is it simply the lapsing of time?  Is it that Carlsun’s construction crew has a hockey tournament in Lion’s Head starting late Friday evening, and they know they will be working Saturday if the turbines are not mechanically complete and energized?  Is it the impending Grand Opening, which the Energy Minister has said he will attend?  Is it luck?

Dumb questions.  This is Canada.  Of course it is the hockey.  I will have to thank Pat and the Lion’s Head old timers for scheduling the tournament now, and for scheduling Carlsun’s game for 11:30 Friday night.

2000 more homes are getting their electricity from wind, 1000 more to go.

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