December Production Update

This wasn’t the windiest December in Ferndale, but it was respectable.  The wind farm produced 1,478,000 kWh, a 39% capacity factor.  This was the second highest capacity factor in the province for the month, trailing Kingsbridge’s outstanding 47%, but ahead of third place Prince, at 34.6%,  4th place Port Burwell at 34.5%, and 5th place Amaranth at 32.2%.  The new Ripley wind farm came in at 28.4%, which is very respectable, considering they were still completing some of the turbines, and it was a start up month.

Ferndale produced power 88% of the time.  The original V80 had its 5 year maintenance program completed, which involves changing fluids, inspections etc., which took it out of service for a few days.  Other than that, the wind farm performed well.

The average price in the spot market was 5.18 cents per kWh.  That is pretty low for what is a high demand time of year.  The month was fairly mild, which would mean that water flows would be good for water power, and demand would be lower than would occur in cold weather.  The nuclear plants had a good month, with the exception of the refurbished Pickering A unit 1.  It has been down for over 6 months.  It is one of the units that was refurbished at a cost of over $1 billion.  Imagine what that does to its cost per kWh.

Today, the waves are pounding the Bruce Peninsula on Georgian Bay, with 8-10 foot swells, and strong east and northeast winds.  It is a good start to the year for Ferndale.

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