Let It Blow, Let It Blow, Let It Blow

Today, the final turbine at Ravenswood was erected.  The winds were calm enough to complete the lifts.  The very expensive large crane has been sent on its way.

It is a relief.  The large crane, with the tailing crane and operators costs the better part of $1000/hour, whether it is in use or not.  Ravenswood has had a great deal of wind, and have had to pick our times to do the lifts.  Today, the lifts are done.

There is still a lot of work to complete.  ESA approval on the switch gear and tranformers is required for energization.  Hydro One needs to energize.  The communications for the transfer trip needs to be tested, and the transfer trip scheme needs to certified.  The metering is installed, tested and ready.  The EcoLogo site visit has been completed.

The cabling inside the turbines will take still awhile.  And the turbines need to be cleaned inside – a muddy construction site doesn’t make for clean work places.  With the crew finished the erection, we will be doubling up on the crews for the inside work.  At least now the work can proceed regardless of the weather, unless Highway 21 is closed due to snow, and the workers can’t get there.  But the weather won’t slow us any more.  Vestas needs to commission the turbines when complete and energized.  Lifting tools and rigs need to be put back into containers and shipped.  Bolts need to be stretched and torqued.  The SCADA system needs to installed and tested.
We are moving from the highly visible part of the project, to invisible.  Area residents and travellers on the highway will wonder why they aren’t turning.  But like a house that appears complete on the outside, we still need to finish the carpeting, the plumbing, the electrical, and the drywall.

But now I can rejoice in the wind again.  Let the wind blow in Ferndale, and be just calm enough in Ravenswood to let the workers finish the job.

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