Production Update November 2007

November had very good winds, and the Ferndale wind farm performed very well. There were just a few hours of downtime for maintenance, and a few grid problems during some aggressive weather. The wind farm produced 1,574 MWh, for a capacity factor of 43%. The wind farm produced at least some power 90% of the time.

In the rest of the province, Prince produced 49,956 MWh, with a capacity factor of 49.7%, Kingsbridge produced 12,863 MWh, for a capacity factor of 45.1%, Amaranth produced 17,814 MWh, for a capacity factor of 36.7%, and Port Burwell produced 26,034 MWh, for a capacity factor of 36.5%. The pattern seemed to indicate that the further north you were, the more wind there was in November.

The total consumption of electrcity for November in Ontario is not yet published, but in October, consumption was 11,908,000 MWh. Wind produced 107,724 MWh in November, which would be .9% of October’s demand. Over the year, wind is supplying about .6-.7% of Ontario’s demand.

The Ripley project by Suncor took its first spin in late November, producing 5-10 MW a few times. They are obviously putting it through its paces, and are not yet fully commissioned. It consists of 38 2 MW Enercon E82’s, the first installation of this model in Ontario. It will be interesting to see how it performs. This site increases Ontario’s installed capacity of wind by 18%, and is the first major wind project to be completed this year.

Windy November has resulted in delays in erection at Ravenswood. 4 of the 6 turbines are now erected. We need 2-3 calm days to complete the erection. Unfortunately, the forecast for next week shows pretty high winds – I hope there are at least a few hours of calm. We still have not lost any time, as we have been using the windy times to finish preparation of nacelles, and rotors, and finish off the cabling inside the turbines. With luck, we will energize next week, or early the following week, and will try for progressive commissioning, with first bringing 4 on line, followed by the other two. I am still hoping for completion around Dec 15, or certainly before Christmas. It will be a big weight lifted when the project is producing – right now, we pay interest for cost incurred, we pay for cranes to sit idle in high winds, and the project has no revenue. While Ferndale had a good month, it doesn’t carry the costs of the new project on its own.

Hopefully, Ravenswood completion will be a good Christmas present.

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