Ravenswood progress

Construction on the Ravenswood project is proceeding well. All of the foundations are done, the components are at the site, and two basetower sections have been set. Work on the buried cables and substation will be well underway shortly. There have been only a few small issues. For example, Hydro One has changed the way they do metering. Instead of an elegant solution of locating the metering in the substation, they require that it be mounted on a pole at the road. This is to allow them to service the meters without accessing customer premises. It will be uglier, and more expensive than locating in the substation, but you have to accommodate them.

I am still waiting on dates for the full load compensation option from Vestas. The turbines can be wired and commissioned without it, but Hydro One would no doubt put restrictions on operations without them. The full load compensation provides power factor and VAR support for the grid.
We hope to have all the base tower sections set, the internal cables for the bases and the internal structures at the bottom done, and the second sections set before the large crane arrives. Then we will assemble the rotors. All of this can be done with small cranes. That way, when the large crane arrives, it will have only the top two tower sections, the nacelles, and the rotors to lift. If weather co-operates, it will take about 2 days per turbine for the large crane to do that. We are expecting the large crane to arrive in the last week of October or first week of November. Wind people never pray for light winds, but I might for that time frame.

The padmount transformers are due to arrive November 7. We will energize shortly thereafter, and complete the internal wiring and commissioning. With luck, we will be commissioned and producing clean renewable power by early December.

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