Enbridge Launch Party

Enbridge has a major project underway near Kincardine.  They have had more than their fair share of challenges in obtaining permits.

But last night they were celebrating with the community.  Permits are in hand.  Roads and wires are under construction.  Two foundations have been poured, with 113 to go.

About 200 people showed up for an evening of presentations, and a picnic supper of sweet corn and burgers.  The event used disposable plates which are recycled at the end.  Enbridge is getting it.
Greg Sorbara, Ontario Finance Minister, was among the dignitaries.  It is a testament to his commitment to cleaner energy that he made his way to Kincardine during an election campaign.  He spoke eloquently about Enbridge’s commitment to completing the project, and how important their determination was.  He is right.  But his speech was loudly booed by a few people at the back.  I turned to see who it was.  It was the same gang of rude, defenders of the status quo that had ambushed me in Meaford.  Evidently they had come for a free dinner.  The local people at my table were embarrassed for the Minister, and stated that the approach taken by these people has backfired.  Rudeness is un-Canadian.

Carol Mitchell, the local MPP was there.  The current mayor, and past mayor, and several Councillors were there.  The mood was upbeat – permits are in place!  Construction has begun.  And next year, the wind farm will begin producing about 500,000 MWh/year, enough for 50,000 homes, and enough to increase Ontario’s supply from wind by 50%.

Congratulations Enbridge!

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