Just Rewards

CNN had an interesting story about the impact of rising sea levels on US historic sites.  Jamestown, the launch pad of the Apollo missions, parts of Wall Street and Silicon Valley will be under water, or vulnerable to storms.  The scientists forecast that the US will lose an area the size of West Virginia.  And this will occur in 50 – 150 years.  And this is because of the climate change that we have already contributed to – it doesn’t include what we will do in the future.  Seas are forecast to rise by 1 metre in that time frame.

Interestingly, they also forecast that Kennebunkport, the summer retreat of the Bush family, will also be under water.  As will John Edwards place on the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

Meanwhile, George Bush didn’t attend a summit at the UN designed to kickstart global climate negotiations.  And Stephen Harper announced that Canada will join the “Asia Pacific Partnership”, a group with the US, Japan and Australia, that is trying to do less about climate change than the UN.  If the problem is global, and it is, doesn’t it need a global solution?

The report is actually encouraging news.  No longer is the impact of climate change only going to be felt by the Pacific Islanders, or the poor residents of New Orleans.  The rich and powerful will feel the effect too.  And maybe when that happens, their attitudes will change.  If we can wait that long.

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