August Production Update

August winds increased substantially compared to July.  The Ferndale wind farm produced 841,000 kWh, up from the year’s low of 592,000 in July.  The wind farm produced at least some power 78% of the time.  The capacity factor in Ferndale was 22.2%.
The pattern around the province was striking in its differing productivity.  The most southern wind farm, Port Burwell, produced 8,721 MWh, for a capacity factor of 11.8%.   The same model of turbine at the Prince project, near Sault Ste. Marie, yeilded 31,724 MWh, for a capacity factor of 22.6%, the highest in the province in August.  Kingbridge near Goderich yeilded 4,780 MWh, for a capacity factor of 16.2%, and Amaranth yeilded 8,925 MWh, with a capacity factor of 17.8%.

So the further north the wind farm was, the better was its output in August.  Ferndale is the second most northerly wind farm.

The original V80 produced 267,000 kWh, its second highest August in 5 years.  The new turbines produced even more, at 274,000 kWh for the north turbine, and 310,000 for the middle turbine.  There was a minor but pesky service problem on the north turbine.  The pitch oil overheated on occasion, shutting the turbine down on high production hot days.  It took awhile to figure out the problem.  There was a minor leak back into the oil storage chamber, that would allow the pressure to fall.  This cause the pump to be on all the time to keep pressure, and the friction of the pump elevated the temperature.  The problem has been fixed, but it took some good detective work to figure out the problem.

I continue to be please with the output from the new turbines.  They consistently outperform the V80.  I had forecasted output from the wind farm at 13,500,000 kWh for the bank over the course of a year.  With production at 12,100,000 by the end of August, it looks like we are on track, as September and October winds are always stronger than July/August.

It is always good to keep the bank happy.

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