Daddy Longlegs

I got my building permits on Friday. I figure readers would want to know. It was quite an ordeal, and took a great deal longer than anticipated. Start early on site plan approval, especially in Lambton Shores, and especially if access is from a Provincial Highway.

But the permits are in place. We will be digging on Monday. Whew. The reduction in stress is huge. Now on to completing the bank financing, and construction. There will be problems – there always is. But at least they will have predictable solutions.

So time for another hike to white bluff. I need the exercise after all the past week’s stress. The rocks were a bit slippery – we’ve had a good rain for the past day and half.  But instead of the view, it was the Daddy Longlegs that drew my attention. There must have been 25 on a sq metre of rock. Their bodies were all orange, which is a different colour than you usually see. They were walking awkwardly, like they do, and they were going down into crevises, then back up. Occassionaly they would meet, their bodies would get close – no small trick when your legs are 15 times as long as your body. Then they would tug at one another back and forth.

I must have stumbled onto a Daddy Longlegs orgy. Or is that a Daddy and Mommy Longlegs orgy?

How do you suppose a Daddy Longlegs chooses a mate? He picks the one with the best legs, of course.

When I take visitors to White Bluff, they always want to stop at the first look out. And then the second, and third. I tell them that locals don’t even stop there – it is much better further along the path. Evidently the Daddy Longlegs have an appreciation for a good view. They picked the best look out.

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