July Production Update

July had the weakest winds since the new turbines came into service in November 2006.  Production was 598,000 kWh.  The new turbines produced 205,000 kWh each, and the original turbine produced 187,000 kWh, providing additional evidence that the new turbines outperform in weak winds.

Production from the original turbine was the second lowest for a July since is started producing in November 2002.  The capacity factor was 15.8%.  The Bruce Peninsula is in quite a drought, so the lack of rainstorms probably contributed to the lack of wind.

The capacity factor of Ontario’s other wind farms was also low, with Prince at 11.9%, Port Burwell at 14.5%, Kingsbridge at 15.3%, and Amaranth at 17%.  Amaranth is the only inland wind farm, with rest adjacent to the Great Lakes.  Are summer winds stronger at inland sites due to more thermal activity?

I have been VERY busy lately working on another project for 6 turbines near Grand Bend.  I have been negotiating supply contracts, warranty and maintenance agreement, insurance, bank loans, hiring contractors, and finalizing municipal permits, by far the most challenging and stressful.  The project should be producing power at the end of November, if all goes well.  Bullfrog Power will be buying the output from some of the turbines, showing that the voluntary market for green electricity continues to grow.  People who sign up for Bullfrog are making a difference in our electricity supply mix.

But it doesn’t leave much time for blogging.  Or sailing.  I will relate some of the experiences from the new project in future entries.

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