European Poll on Renewable Energy

Gallup Europe has released a poll on attitudes toward renewable energy, including wind.

Of course, Europe is far ahead of the rest of the world in deploying wind energy. People in many parts of Europe, like Germany, Denmark, Spain, Italy, Greece, and Portugal are very familiar with wind energy, where it generates as much as 20% of their power.

So what are public attitudes toward wind energy in an area that has lots of it installed?

83% favoured the setting of mandatory targets for renewable energy. 71% favoured wind energy, with the highest ranking found in Denmark, which has the highest per capita installation of wind energy in the world, where 93% favoured wind energy. Opposition to wind energy averaged only 4%, with a mere 7% opposed to wind in Germany, which has over 20,000 wind turbines.

Gas, oil, coal, and nuclear received approval rates of 42%, 27%, 26%, and 20%.  I guess in Chernobyl affected areas, nuclear continues to be viewed with skepticism.

Evidently, the more wind there is installed, the more popular it is. Interesting.

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