Al Gore Comes to Lion’s Head

The Inconvenient Truth came out on DVD this weekend. Tina was all over this one. She had posters advertising tonight’s showing in Lion’s Head almost two weeks ago.

The event was held at the Bruce Peninsula District School cafeteria, on those always comfortable Standard Tube chairs. But if you want to be comfortable, this isn’t the movie to see.
A crowd of about 80 came out. That’s pretty impressive in a community of 500. The show raised hundreds of dollars to support initiatives by the Biosphere Association at the school.

After the show, Shane Jolley, a local environmentalist, and past Green Party candidate lead a discussion on what action could be taken. Suggestions ranged from writing to local politicians, as strongly suggested by Gore, to taking action yourself on conservation, or on installing renewable energy yourself. I think it was fair to say the crowd was less than impressed by our government’s “leadership” on the issue. Disgust at the misinformation provided by the fossil fuel lobby was palpable. And concern was expressed over perverse incentives and taxes that governments have in place, that reward energy waste, and penalize conservation.

I quoted McKenzie King, one of Canada’s Prime Ministers. He said (and I paraphrase), “Leadership is a lot like leading a flock of sheep. When the flock changes direction, the lead ram figures out the direction the flock is going, and proudly move to the front, to lead the flock in the direction in which they are already going.” I am convinced the flock is moving. But the rams have not yet figured that out. Perhaps we need to point it out to them.

Mr. Harper, Mr. McGuinty, we the sheep are headed in a different direction than you. It’s time you figured it out.

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