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Transformers Arrive, Hydro One Meeting, BBC

Tuesday, October 10th, 2006

Today was busy, with big progress made.

The morning started at 7:30 when I met the protection and control engineer, Dave Klachan, from ESAC. He was reviewing station drawings, and physical layout in the substation protection devices, to prepare for a meeting with Hydro One in Owen Sound. He’s a real professional, and very thorough in his approach, which really helps build respect from both myself and Hydro One.

The Owen Sound meeting with Hydro One went well, with good progress and agreement made on protection schemes. I had to emphasize the need for timely implementation, as the turbines are about to be energized. I believe Hydro One will do their best to work toward timely solutions. The interim protection and control scheme at the Sky Generation end will be installed and tested by next Monday/Tuesday. Hopefully Hydro One can sign off on it, and implement their part, shortly thereafter.
At 8:50 AM, the padmount transformers arrived. They will boost the voltage from 600 V to 13,800 V to transmit to the substation. This is right on schedule, but about 3 weeks later than I would have liked, so we had to use more gasoline generators required than needed in the final assembly and commissioning process. A transformer manufacturer who figures out how to reduce leadtimes will do very well indeed. The tranformers weigh about 8 tonnes, and so a crane was brought in to lift them. Interestingly, the crane was from Port Dover, about 4 hours away, as local crane companies are all busy today.

The transformer installation and testing should be completed by tomorrow. The Electrical Safety Authority will inspect on Friday. Hopefully, we will obtain approval to operate, to allow us to finish commissioning the turbines. And once Hydro One has implemented their part of the protection and control scheme, and turbines are comissioned, we should be operating!

There is still some way to go. But we are getting close.

One other rather interesting event occured today.  A reporter, Jason Margolis, from the BBC World dropped by to interview me.  BBC World is a radio show that is produced in Boston, and plays on NPR stations across the US.  Their pieces are often picked up by other parts of the BBC system.  The story is about the Ontario Standard Offer Program.  Jason asked good questions – he should be able to get a good report on the Standard Offer approach to developing renewable energy resources.   I look forward to hearing his report.

But the most interesting thing about this is how he found me.  Apparently BBC World has a listener in Maryland, or Virginia, who also spends time in Sweden, and who reads this blog, and who took time to suggest the story to Jason.  Wow.  What a medium.   Blogs that is.  I have never been sure if I was read south of Highway 21.  Very cool.

Letter to the OEB

Monday, October 9th, 2006

The following is a letter I am sending to the Ontario Energy Board, about some changes in rules that they are proposing, and that they should implement.  If you want more info on the proposals, click on “Standard Offer” on the OEB web site.  Warning:  some of this material is a bit dry.


Guelph’s Select Power to Close

Thursday, October 5th, 2006

Select Power was an early pioneer in Ontario to market green attributes from wind, with their Select Wind program.  They have been an important business partner for my firm, and have played an essential role in developing the voluntary green market in Ontario.


Show Time!

Wednesday, October 4th, 2006

We are getting closer to energizing the new turbines. I received word today that the padmount transformers will arrive Tuesday, the day after Thanksgiving. A truck driver is giving up Thanksgiving to bring renewable energy to the Bruce Peninsula. OK, so it’s not show time yet. But the orchestra is warming up.


Foundation Backfill

Tuesday, October 3rd, 2006

The backfill of a foundation might seem like a rather inane topic.  What is there to it?  Dump some dirt, and smooth it out.


The Cost of Climate Change

Monday, October 2nd, 2006

The Independant Electricity System Operator (IESO) 18 month reliability report last week. It is this report that the provincial government claims prevents them from implementing their proposed shutdown of the coal plants on time.